It Devours [Review]

51rgikYE3JL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Let me start off by saying that I did like this book. I DID… but not as much as I wanted to.

I’ve been a big fan of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast for a while now. It’s the first podcast that I ever fell in love with and so far my favorite narrative one. For those who haven’t given it a listen, I highly recommend it.

But this review is about the series’ second book, It Devours. I  love the town of Night Vale in all its absurdity and horror, but sometimes that doesn’t translate well into words. I felt this a bit with the first book, Welcome to Night Vale, but I was too in love with the world to see it.

I’m more commenting on the immersive quality of this book. When I sit down to read a book, I like to ease into the world. Get lost in its many avenues, leap those fields of logic, and get to know the characters along the way. I couldn’t completely do that with It Devours. I get enmeshed but then a detail is thrown in there halts the experience because it takes me a second to imagine how that would be. And then I have to find my groove again.

The book outside of this (major) hurdle was really good. The characters of course, and as always, endearing. The plot had that typical Night Vale zany ideas of the end of days aspect to it (though it could be quite silly. Like really silly, but at the risk of spoilers I won’t go into it) I particularly enjoyed its musings on the nature of belief and the dividing line between science and religion.

My Rating:

3 Star

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