Falling in Love with Horror Stories

I actually really like horror. This is a genuine realization that I’ve stumbled upon within the last few weeks.

Of course, I’ve always been fascinated by it. Many of the things I’ve loved in the past had horror elements—Tim Burton movies, Sweeney Todd, psychological animes—but there was always an element that divorced them a little from the genre in my mind. I wouldn’t admit it to myself. A little blood was nice and good but gore was out of the question. To me gore meant horror.

But I’ve been watching American Horror Story recently. Yes, it’s my latest TV obsession.

American Horror Story deals with disruption—the unease in the normal and the banality of evil. How evil can be as human as it is monstrous. It gives horror tropes human faces—their cast rotation adds a layer of familiarity to the unfamiliar. I’ve seen you before but you’re now completely different. Heroes are monsters, monsters are victims of greater evil. And they blend multiple elements of horror in each season to make one cohesive and twisted narrative is a wonder to see. So far, my favorite season is Asylum.

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