Adventures in Reading (#1)

Hitching It Up On the Oregon Trail 19th Century Style!

I like to go through a nonfiction book and this time around I’ve picked up the Oregon Trail. The basic premise is that Rinker Buck and his brother undertake a modern-day crossing of the Oregon Trail. And the author doesn’t just cross the trail. They cross it with mules, a carriage–the genuine 19th-century experience. Which is just

I’m also using this book for research purposes for my Notes series as it contains a lot of information about Manifest Destiny and trends during the mid-nineteenth century. Here are are a couple of things I learned.

  • Contrary to the popular narrative, mules paved the way into the American West. Horses struggled with the rough and varied terrain. Mules also proved more of an asset in detecting predators because of their inclination for self-preservation
  • The Oregon Trail gets its name sometime in the 1840s. It was originally called the Platte River Road.
  • “See the Elephant” was a common expression used by many travelers.

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