Sunday Musings: Nostalgia in Nature

Two years ago, I walked to work.

I didn’t live too far from my first job in the real world. It was a store in a small shopping center that provided products that showcased collections and food from around the world. The place had long windows along its entrance wall so the phases of the day were always in full view. 

I walked to and from there not only because it was a short distance and I didn’t have a car but the coming and going were my favorite parts of the workday. I had my ups and downs with this job but it’s the one element I find myself nostalgic for. The waking up and walking there rain or shine. (I actually prefer the rain. My bookworm heart always finds it uplifting).

Now, as the weather turns nice and I can walk without a chill, the nostalgia of these memories is hitting me hard. The sky was an impossible blue this Tuesday, the fresh-cut grass a lush green. And the smell! Even when the allergens make my eyes water, I’ll never stop loving that smell. 

Walking outside is my happy place. My spirit is immediately lifted when I do it. 

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