So Currently…(2)


The loss of Civil Rights Leader and Congressman John Lewis. He was such an important figure in the Civil Rights movement participating in the first sit-ins, the Freedom Rides, the March in Selma. When I saw the notification he died yesterday, I had to pause to take that in. I just wanted to take a few words to honor his memory.


I finished Lakewood a few days ago and I’m still parcing out my feelings towards it. It’s definitely a horror book dealing with real issues of medical and financial exploitation of people of color. It was engrossing but was told in a very detached style. The character slips into dreams, nightmares, and conversations without transition. I need a lighter read! I’m not quite sure picking up The Revisioners by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton is it though. I’m strapping in for all the feels.


This’ll be a short post this week folks. I’m writing this at the tail end of a work weekend and I’m knackered (I had to get that British moment out of my system. Anyway…) But I wanted to write something and my black chai tea gave me the boost to sit down and write. Tea is the tactic I usually employ to get me in the mood for some productivity, no matter how fleeting.

I really hope you guys have a good week ahead.

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