Writing Update: What am I working on exactly…?

So in my quest to be more “literature-ly” accountable, I offer myself to the eyes before me and recount my writing deeds for this past week.

I’m tackling the revision of my Hunger & The Hanging Tree arc of my Grim Lore of Hollow Grove story. What do I mean by arc and what is this story I’ve been hinting at for the last, oh, two maybe three years?

First off, Grim & Hollow is very tentative title for the overall story. To make a very long story short, the main gist is that my man, Sebastian Calderon, in the alternative year of our Lord 185X, decides to take up a job in a small town called Hollow Grove where he meets interesting characters and learns about the darkness that haunts the place there. I’m taking more of a serial format for the story. I plan to have five arcs that tell their own interlocking story. The first has to do with Hunger and Hanging Trees.

I’ve been fortunate to be granted a three day weekend for my job due to New Years. Somehow between watching movies, compulsive cleaning, and experimenting with breakfast recipes, I made some headway with the revision. The best way I know to tackle this is to write the whole thing over again on a blank document and retyping past drafts. My main sticking point with this former draft is that it read really stale with my characters doing one thing then another until they have to do something else. I’m attempting to make my characters less agents of plot and more people with thoughts and feelings. It’s a bit tedious but it’s the only way I know how to tackle this project at the moment.

At this very moment which is Sunday at 3:24pm with Natalia Lafourcade singing in the background, I’ve written 2,474 words for the current draft. A most noticeable improvement from the 150-word presses I did maybe two or three times a week in week’s past.

In related news, I have managed to write some really rough drafts of short stories that I’ll be tackling when I can’t look at the former project anymore.

That’s all I have to report. Thanks for reading.

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