Books + Things

One crucial element of my writing life is reading.

I’m an obsessive reader. Most days don’t go by without my nose being stuck between pages or listening to an audio book.

I had to dedicate a portion of my blog to this because:

  1. I love reading books
  2.  I have opinions
  3.  I need a place to share opinions on said books. Mostly to gush, critique, and sometimes analyze.

So What Do I Read?

  • I’m a “strange” reader if that makes sense. I’d just as quick to pick up a science fiction book that deals with a gender-bending plague in a steampunk setting as an eldritch horror in Jim Crow America. Mind bending thrillers, surreal mysteries, and time travelling!
  • Love nonfiction. Love, love when it deals with historical topics but also piqued by books dealing with socio-political issues and memoirs highlighting unique perspectives
  • I have a soft spot for YA fiction that highlights diverse perspectives (people of color, lgbtqa+)
  • I love Gothic and Victorian literature. Yes, I was that strange kid who devoured them for fun in high school. The melodrama, the gender politics, those secrets that shouldn’t be divulged in “polite” society. I love it all.

What I’m Less Likely To Read

  • Romance and erotica (can read if subplot, not the main plot!)
  • Admittingly picky about my historical fiction.
  • That’s about it thus far…