Fiction Projects

Hopefully a helpful guide to my writing projects, both past and present. This will be frequently updated.

Short Fiction

Stand-alone short stories that are typically between 1500-3000 words.

The Skate Happy Mixtape [Romance]
Tamika drags Amari to a skating rink for a date night when its crowded out by a middle school party. They try to make the most of the night even though Amari feels wildly out of place amidst the teen pop music and the overwhelming stench of concession food.

Boxer Shorts [Romance]
Noel and Joey are a couple who have to learn to live together. Noel, in particular, gets ticked every time Joey leaves his green boxer shorts on the bedpost again, inciting an argument.

Junk Food   [Horror/Comedy]
James and Cale are trying to make a little money so they could drop some money into a nightclub they want to attend. It’s hard coming by any honest cash as a vampire and a zombie so they try to pawn off some items they “found” in a graveyard.

The Word of Raymond [Speculative Fiction]
“Raymond is speaking.” Survival on the isle can only be found by listening to the word of Raymond.

Fiction Series

Longer running series that tell a cohesive narrative.


Fool’s Gold [The Hungry Chimera]