Hollow Grove Projects

I mostly write in the realm of mystery, historical fiction, and speculative fiction all mixed with some flavorings of dark/dry humor and horror. A good portion of my current projects are based in Hollow Grove, a fictional town in the United States populated by the supernatural ranging from vampires, zombies, to malicious spirits. Most of what happens there is documented by the journalists of The Hollow Times.

Notes of an Outsider
Status: In Progress, Main Project
SummaryIn 1844, Sebastian Calderon gets commissioned by Godwine Hollow, mayor of Hollow Grove, a new town on the frontier. What follows is a series of journals documenting Hollow Grove’s early history and all the strangeness that seems to permeate from the people to the soil.
Where to Start ReadingThe Outsider

Gallows Hall 
Status: In Progress
Summary: After getting arrested on trumped up charges, Mariela Hudson and Emery Fall have to find a way to escape the notorious Gallows Hall or be stuck in the strange purgatory prison where they’ll most likely die from annoyance.
Where to Start ReadingHard Times for Petty Crimes
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Festival of Shadows
StatusIn Revision
Summary: Around New Years’ in Hollow Grove, the Festival of Shadows begins. The dead come alive and party in celebration of the new year as the living hide in their homes to avoid the vandalism and chaos. But there are darker things at work. There are strange disappearances where residents are eaten by their own shadows. Mariela Hudson, a journalist of the Hollow Times, starts investigating these disappearing and ends up uncovering some of the town’s darker secrets.
Where to Start Reading (Deviantart): Festival of Shadows [One] 

Short Stories

Grave of the Bone Eater (A Hollow Grove Story)

Cyanide Tea (A Hollow Grove Story)