So Currently…(3)


I’ve been reading more nowadays than I did in the whole of last month. I definitely needed lighter reads and on a whim, I decided to read Akilah Hughes Obviously. I really admire and respect her as a content creator and her biography was entertaining. I do have to admit that I wish there was more cohesion to how the book was structure. The beginning was great but the further in, I lost a little interest because the ideas seemed so random. I’m still happy I read it though!

Along with that, I recently started the novella The Black God’s Drum by P. Djeli Clark. I loved his book, The Haunting of Tram Car 015, and picked this one up because of the promise of sky pirates and African Orishas set in some steampunk post-bellum New Orleans. I’m only a few pages in but I’m hooked. I mean, how could I not, right?


Oh yes, it’s actually happening this week. I always find editing and revision the most daunting part of writing (I know, doesn’t everyone). Right now, I’m reading through the first Grim History arc, Hunger & The Hanging Tree. Expanding and tweaking and retooling some of the plot points. I’m also starting to rearrange events to fit into the revised outline. After the first initial edit, I’ll go back and check for instances of passive voice and maybe get around to actually getting further into the second arc. A good way to procrastinate on editing is working on a point further along in the timeline.

Later in the week, I want to write a post actually discussing the specifics of this story rather than tease the title. It’s been two years so…


I’m watching shows again. I tend to get into weird periods where I can’t bring myself to engage in TV shows or the like. Not due to lack of interest but due to my fear of commitment. When I watch things, I tend to get consumed by it if I really like it. Or can’t get into it completely because…I’m honestly not sure.

I’m currently watching Derry Girls which is putting out some absurdist comedy vibes that I can completely get behind.

I haven’t watched anime for a good while and now I’ve picked up three shows (two courtesy of Mother’s Basement Summer review list). Namely, Rent a Girlfriend (more character depth than the title will have you believe), The Misfit at Demon King Academy (comedy gold), and Fruits Basket (season 2 is giving me all the feels with its amazing character drama).

I hope you all have a lovely week ahead!

Friday Faves (#1)

Where I list some things that have made me happy this week!

Japanese Breakfast “Road Head”

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese Breakfast. Her music never fails to get me into a mellow writing mood. “Road Head” one of her latest singles, has a dark atmosphere sound with lyrics that hark back on her early struggles with her music career and relationship. The music video is also perfect for the spooky season. A literal demon hanging off her throughout the entire thing.

Twenty One Pilots “Jumpsuit”
So, a lot of my favorite bands have been releasing music in the last few weeks! Twenty One Pilots have been turning out a lot of good music some of which include “Nico & The Niners” and “My Blood.” I specifically chose “Jumpsuit” because the song immediately hooks you with that awesome guitar riff.

My Hero Academia

Okay, so I’m a couple of years late to this party but…

I don’t watch anime like I used to. I don’t watch TV like I used to. I simply don’t. But a few weeks ago, while scrolling through the great sea of Crunchyroll trying to find something to watch, I threw up my hands and decided to watch the show I’ve heard so many people raving about. And about 3 episodes in, I was hooked. This shows just has so much heart. With a unique cast of characters, action-packed plot, and intriguing world building examining the nature of heroism and interrogating the concept of what qualifies someone to be one, I wholeheartedly recommend this gem to everyone.

I’m not quite sure what to share for shows but I’m an ending girl at heart. I’ve included two of my favorite endings that the show has delighted my heart with.