Dark Matter [Review]

dark matterYou all will find out pretty quickly that one of my favorite genres of literature (movie, podcast, what have you) are thrillers and mysteries. It was why I was so excited to dig my teeth into this book.

Dark Matter is wild. It’s more than wild, it’s improbable and yet I couldn’t stop reading.

It’s a thriller with a sci-fi twist. A sci-fi twist with a romantic subplot. A romantic subplot with an underlying universal message about the dynamics of choice and finding your own meaning on what makes life worth living.

The main crux of the story deals with the multiverse theory and it deftly handles the subject. It’s accessible enough to not get lost in the more sci-fi elements because its story is rather simple once you strip it down to its basic elements.

It’s a love story—simple and sweet. Jason Dressen just wants to get home to his wife and son. This one hope carries him through all the strangeness and horror that he’s confronted with.

I’m also fairly intrigued by the convolutedness that is this story’s multiverse theory. Touching this beast of a concept could make or break a story but with this one there was never a time where I sat back and thought “Now hold on a minute….” I did stop but it was with going through the motions of the character where we were both struck by the odds that are continually stacked against him. Based on the craziness set up, I think it ended satisfactorily.

There are loose ends but the story avoids definitive conclusions. The whole premise underlying the narrative is that we can never be sure of the choices we make—we can never be sure if they were the right ones and there’s no true way of knowing.

Regret is unavoidable but we can’t wallow in it. Life moves on but so must we. The problems begin when we continually beg the question. The story begins when someone rather close to the narrator gets selfish and wanted the “what if” and built something to cheat the system.

If it wasn’t obvious, I loved Dark Matter in all its craziness.

My Rating:

4 Stars_2