Friday Faves (#2)

And somehow it’s already November. Seriously, where did the time go?!

the poison squadI have a morbid fascination with poison in all its forms. This week I’ve been reading The Poison Squad by  Deborah Blum. Blum authored The Poisoner’s Handbook which I devoured some months ago. It discussed the New York poison scene in the 1920s listing off how common poisonous compounds like arsenic, cyanide, and ethyl alcohol found their way from common household products to a criminal’s arsenal for murder. The Poison Squad tackles the same topic but focuses on the Wild West of the food industry. More specifically, how rampant fraud, adulteration, and downright poisoning was frequent in the food products most Americans consumed at the turn of the century. A team, headed by chemist Dr. Harvey Wiley, helped in uncovering it all. It’s quite a fascinating read.

Another fave is more nostalgia-related. I rediscovered my love for Foster the People. Foster the People hearkens to a very specific period of my life: high school. When they first came out with their Torches album, it was one of the quintessential albums of my later school days and I only really realized this when, on a whim, my sister started playing their earlier videos on Youtube. I became a smidge teary-eyed while listening to “Helena Beat” and “Call it What You Want.” Yes, I’m that kind of emotional. It also reminds me how old I am.