Friday Favorites (4)

Aristocrats by Raleigh Ritchie

I’m wholly in love with Raleigh Ritchie. I was introduced to his music last year and most of the songs that I’ve listened to him have been gems. His latest single, “Aristocrats,” is my latest obsession.

It’s not just the song itself (which is amazing!) but the music video. The costume design in this is stunning with black actors in glorious period costumes that highlight major eras in British history. There’s also interesting uses of symbols like the Union Jack behind the cast that have me contemplating themes with every re-watch.

Favorite Lines:

I don’t even know if I know my own mind
I don’t even know if I’m on my own time
I don’t even know if I know what’s right for

I’m tongue-tied, brain fried
I’ve sacrificed my whole life
I don’t think you realise but you are in my insides
My brain hurts and it ain’t worth it
I’ll keep hurting, I’ll keep working
I’ll go high when you go low
And I’ll get by, you’ll never know

Friday Faves: The Existential Horror of Russian Dolls and the Multiverse

Time loops and multiverses. What could be better?

Fave 1: The Existential Horror Of Russian Doll

I’ve made no secret of my love of Russian Dolls (at least with my friends and family). It’s one of the most well-crafted and thought-provoking narratives that I’ve seen on TV for a while and it features concepts that have always intrigued me in fiction.

Nadia keeps living and dying repeatedly on the night of her 36th birthday party. As the narrative progresses, she learns more about the people around her and her own suppressed trauma. The story delves into the importance of human connection: how it can raise us up, damage us, and heal us. As the story progresses, it gets messy but you’re not going to get any spoilers from me, friends.

But there is also an existential horror element featured in a narrative that cancels out choices with oftentimes violent death. Nobody else remembers but you. And that’s what really got to me at points: the sense of pointlessness and meaning of the death-life cycle. How you end up trudging through the day until your next inevitable fatal tumble down the stairs. And trying to get to the truth of it is being confronted by your own isolation in this experience.

Nadia also confronts the impact she has on people’s lives. She self-professes that having her life dependent on another person is her own personal hell and the audience can see this play out in how she chooses to emotionally distance herself from the people around her. It has all the layers as the title suggests.

So, what I’m trying to say if you like a bit of dark comedy, horror, and don’t mind a bit of gore, please watch Russian Doll. Also, check out the soundtrack because it’s also freakishly good!!!

Speaking of which…

Fave Song: Gotta Get Up by Harry Nilsson


What I’m Excited for (TV Wise)

Did you guys see this trailer? I nearly cried watching this

Friday Faves (#2)

And somehow it’s already November. Seriously, where did the time go?!

the poison squadI have a morbid fascination with poison in all its forms. This week I’ve been reading The Poison Squad by  Deborah Blum. Blum authored The Poisoner’s Handbook which I devoured some months ago. It discussed the New York poison scene in the 1920s listing off how common poisonous compounds like arsenic, cyanide, and ethyl alcohol found their way from common household products to a criminal’s arsenal for murder. The Poison Squad tackles the same topic but focuses on the Wild West of the food industry. More specifically, how rampant fraud, adulteration, and downright poisoning was frequent in the food products most Americans consumed at the turn of the century. A team, headed by chemist Dr. Harvey Wiley, helped in uncovering it all. It’s quite a fascinating read.

Another fave is more nostalgia-related. I rediscovered my love for Foster the People. Foster the People hearkens to a very specific period of my life: high school. When they first came out with their Torches album, it was one of the quintessential albums of my later school days and I only really realized this when, on a whim, my sister started playing their earlier videos on Youtube. I became a smidge teary-eyed while listening to “Helena Beat” and “Call it What You Want.” Yes, I’m that kind of emotional. It also reminds me how old I am.

Friday Faves (#1)

Where I list some things that have made me happy this week!

Japanese Breakfast “Road Head”

I’ve always been a fan of Japanese Breakfast. Her music never fails to get me into a mellow writing mood. “Road Head” one of her latest singles, has a dark atmosphere sound with lyrics that hark back on her early struggles with her music career and relationship. The music video is also perfect for the spooky season. A literal demon hanging off her throughout the entire thing.

Twenty One Pilots “Jumpsuit”
So, a lot of my favorite bands have been releasing music in the last few weeks! Twenty One Pilots have been turning out a lot of good music some of which include “Nico & The Niners” and “My Blood.” I specifically chose “Jumpsuit” because the song immediately hooks you with that awesome guitar riff.

My Hero Academia

Okay, so I’m a couple of years late to this party but…

I don’t watch anime like I used to. I don’t watch TV like I used to. I simply don’t. But a few weeks ago, while scrolling through the great sea of Crunchyroll trying to find something to watch, I threw up my hands and decided to watch the show I’ve heard so many people raving about. And about 3 episodes in, I was hooked. This shows just has so much heart. With a unique cast of characters, action-packed plot, and intriguing world building examining the nature of heroism and interrogating the concept of what qualifies someone to be one, I wholeheartedly recommend this gem to everyone.

I’m not quite sure what to share for shows but I’m an ending girl at heart. I’ve included two of my favorite endings that the show has delighted my heart with.