Homegoing [Review]

HomegoingThere’s a certain trauma that runs throughout Homegoing. It acts deeply as generations get further and further from who get further and further from who they are. The trauma of Erasure. The trauma of not knowing. The trauma of being unable to trace that straight line through your family as names and histories are scratched out and smudged.

I find myself surprised by how deeply I fell in love with this book. Even reflecting on it brings a certain pressure to my hearts, loosens the well behind my eyes especially its last few pages. As two family lines finally meet through unconscious of their meeting. Though there’s healing in it beyond words.

This book had many characters and I felt for each and every one. Though the window we get to peer into each life seemed short, there was a wealth of feeling, a wealth of history. The language poetic and effusive.

I really can’t recommend this book enough.

My Rating:

5 stars