Floundering in a Sea of What-Ifs

These last few days I’ve been stuck on an issue. The next chapter of my current project, “Hollow Grove: The Grim History,” is when I have to bring a lot of pieces together but I’m getting stuck on how to tell it and who should tell it.

“The Grim History” is a dark fantasy mystery set in Hollow Grove, a town within the Texas Republic in the early 1840s.  Sebastian Calderòn is brought in by the town’s founder, Goodwine Hollow, to become the official record keeper and discovers more about its history and the darkness that hovers about it.

The story will be told from multiple perspectives. Up till this point in the drafting process, there’s been two: Sebastian Calderòn’s (personal journals and eyewitness accounts) and Isadora Lynton’s (private diaries). More will be incorporated as the story progresses and I’ve been toying with the idea of mixed written mediums. The latter is more of a vague concept at this stage but I’m jotting down ideas. Other than the various perspectives, there’ll be official records like census records, death accounts, doctor’s notes,  and first & third person accounts from “unknown” persons. At this moment, I only have a story outline that I’ve deviated a lot from already. The original arc’s 12 chapters are now 17 (and counting).

And now I’m stuck. I’m contemplating how to tell a certain event. I’m at the point of saying screw it all and just writing whatever comes. That’s my normal process. Write whatever and loathe it entirely. The benefit of this approach is that I get a better idea of what I don’t want to do. It’s better than floundering in an endless sea of what-ifs.