A Few Innocent Obsessions

Let’s share a few obsessions from the last month.

I went through a week where I was obsessed with “Evil” by Interpol. The strangely alive and haunted eyes of Norman drawing me into watching the music video for at least once a day like it was a curious prescription.

This obsession spilled over to their other music. “C’mere” and “Slow Hands.” I realized that eras of my life had a sound and the strangeness of that thought. I’m in middle school marinating in early 2000s alternative with bass lines I can feel in my bones and my heart aches.

One weekend I binged on Ari Aster films getting pleasantly disturbed by the flowers of Midsommar and the slow breakdown of a family haunted in Hereditary. And then there’s the VVitch where I was reminded of the slick blood spilt by paranoia and the taint of fanaticism.

I’ve been trying to get more into movies in general so in between the horror, I took Booksmart as a light palate cleanser. A beautifully shot comedy dealing with the elation of female friendships and the growing pains of moving on. The stylized shots of The Last Black in San Francisco with its commentary on gentrification and history. The house as a solid anchor to family, love, and healing the two as something so intrinsic to yourself.

And writing. Writing has been an obsession again fueled by camaraderie. I joined a local writing group with the write-ins and creative electricity in the air.

The mind hungers for an outlet. My fingers spill ink that chews through paper and I feel like myself again.