My Name is Mysha-Tatiana…

My name is Mysha-Tatiana and I’m a very private person. It’s one of the many traits I inherited from my parents who outside the family, preferred their own company. 

It’s me, trying to look cool in my natural habitat

The story goes, according to my mother, that I was named after my father. The M my inheritance along with my middle name. I half suspect that it was also influenced by bits of 90s trivia and a desire for a simple answer to placate a bit of my childhood curiosity. It’s inspired common questions and mispronunciations throughout my life that I’ve come to take with a smile. The My-sha, M’sha, and variations in between.

I was born in Indiana and can trace my history to Martindale-Brightwood, rural Tennessee and Mississippi. To old inner-city neighborhoods with cracked streets flourishing with weeds, to long stretches of abandoned railroads, and corner beauty stores. To sharecropper fields and clapboard houses and pots of grits and greens. My heart aches with longing when I think back on them. A distant daughter near 500 miles away. But I’m just the latest chapter of a history filled with similar displacement.

My earliest memories were insular. My shared bedroom with my sister, making up play and being general menaces. The bottom floor of my grandparents’ house which smelled like old wood and perfume and had the creak of history beneath my feet. The backyards of aunts and uncles with barbecue grills and the smell of wood chips that still fills me with warm nostalgia. 

My name is Mysha-Tatiana and I’m an artist with no qualifiers. I’m a writer, a researcher, and an amateur cook. This morning I made crepes for the first time with a fruit compote and love experimenting with what I have in my kitchen. There’s so many possibilities in flour and butter, salt and sugar.

I spent an hour or two thinking of what to write today. Rolling over the words in my head before committing them here. I’ve been obsessed with history. My history and how it fits in with the world at large and the world how it is. I’ve been obsessed with The Warmth of Other Suns, Between the World and Me, and dispatches from the ancient world as told by historical YouTube channels. 

My name is Mysha-Tatiana and this is my reintroduction. A small slice in the whole of who I am.