The Killer Inside Me [Review]

the killer inside me

Lou Ford is a well-liked, affable deputy policeman in a small town in Texas. But beneath this, he carries “The Sickness.”

The Killer Inside Me is a well-paced story that offers an interesting examination into the mind of a killer. Reed is shrewd and calculating and always finds ways to justify what he does to himself.

But personally, I thought we were too much in his head. Not in the “shrink back in the horror of such a wicked mind” sort of way. More in the “I’m somehow really bored by his perspective” kind of way. I found his voice really tiring at times and would’ve loved to see him more reacting to the events that were happening around him. He speculated but we, as the audience, never got to see how it went down until the very end. It was rather predictable to me but predictability wasn’t the issue here. Once I figured out how he was going to get caught, I felt like the rest of the book was a big waiting game. I wanted to enjoy the ride like a story like this should be.

But that’s not the only issue. I know that we’re supposed to feel a bit disgusted yet sympathetic for this character but I couldn’t reach the latter. The reason he kills is always someone’s fault. It’s Conway’s fault, it’s the town’s fault, it’s his father’s fault, he’s crazy. This type of character irks me. I see a man who refuses to accept responsibility for what he’s done. Not that he necessarily had to but soaking in this perspective just rubbed me the wrong way. Lou Reed is not a character that should be enjoyed, admittingly. I should be shocked! I should be angered! I should be sad. But I’m annoyed more than anything.

My Rating: 

2 half star

Book Summary [Goodreads]:
Everyone in the small town of Central City, Texas loves Lou Ford. A deputy sheriff, Lou’s known to the small-time criminals, the real-estate entrepreneurs, and all of his coworkers–the low-lifes, the big-timers, and everyone in-between–as the nicest guy around. He may not be the brightest or the most interesting man in town, but nevertheless, he’s the kind of officer you’re happy to have keeping your streets safe. The sort of man you might even wish your daughter would end up with someday.

But behind the platitudes and glad-handing lurks a monster the likes of which few have seen. An urge that has already claimed multiple lives, and cost Lou his brother Mike, a self-sacrificing construction worker who fell to his death on the job in what was anything but an accident. A murder that Lou is determined to avenge–and if innocent people have to die in the process, well, that’s perfectly all right with him.