The Right Brain with Our Writing Status

Oh, writing!

Hmm, funny you should mention that. I think I have someth–wait right here, I’ll definitely find something I’ve been working on. I’ll just… (very inconspicuously climbs out the window and runs into the sunset).

As you can see, the Right Brain has taken off. Ah well, it can’t be helped. She’s a fickle thing that one.

Hi, Left Brain, here.

I’m the rational one who will make no excuses. But like usual, I’m left to pick up the pieces. You see, right brain and I haven’t been on the same page as of late. These last two months, every time I bring her to the table and force a pen in her hands, she hems and haws and sometimes runs away screaming. Other times she babbles, thoughts and feelings going this way and that about the state of the world and writing and the dreadful summer heat that’s settling in.

Don’t judge the right brain too harshly. The fact that she made it here, however briefly, means we’re making a bit of progress.

Otherwise, the progress report is quite bleak, I’m afraid.

Given the state of things, we have nothing to report. Right Brain has been hung up watching cooking channels on Youtube and daydreaming about all the worlds she’s hoped to create.

Execution however…

Well, that’s been lacking these last few months. Heck, she even made us drop the ball with updates here. I can schedule and plan all I want but if there’s no coherent ideas, what good is that?

All this to say is that Right Brain with her other fickle cousin, motivation, is starting to come around.