The Weekly Obsession(s): October 5th, 2017

Funny enough, this one ha a theme!

For story reasons, I’ve been really into the 1920s–specifically, America in the 1920s. When I get hooked on an era, I tend to research its history, its literature, its music (especially its music!) so most of the stuff featured here will be related to that.

In Literature:

Anything Goes by Lucy Moore


This book gives a comprehensive view of the 1920s decades, particularly in its exploration of the mass media of the time. One of the main critiques I’ve seen leveled at this book is how it’s much more concentrated on certain people/celebrities in its chapters, condensing an element of the decade down to a singular person’s experience. Though I tentatively agree with this assessment, I think the book’s organization fits with its topic. The 20s was a decade that showed a true democratization of the celebrity. They’re stories of people who came up from various backgrounds to be well-known commodities; movies, radio, and other elements of mass culture expanded most perceptions on what the world had to offer. This book, in the end, holds as a good in-depth cultural study of the decade.

I’ve been feverishly paging through the chapters in this! I’ve always found the 1920s a fascinating decade but it wasn’t till recently that I took the time to seriously figure out why. I mean, I’m familiar with jazz and Prohibition but going beyond those signifiers.

In Music:

I’ve been really into music from the 1920s. Another thing that I’ve been really into is electro-swing so every time I find a nice, wholesome mix of the two, I can’t stop listening to it! The proleteR song has actually worked as the background music for one of my latest writing projects.

In Media:

You Must Remember This Podcast

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