Drinking London Fog on a Sunday Afternoon

Good Afternoon All,

I’ve just finished my first attempt at something of a London Fog tea. I love Earl Grey and had a craving for something like an Earl Grey latte.

It was moderately successful. The Earl Grey was brewed just right but after stirring almond milk over a hot eye for five minutes for the desired fog effect, I gave up. It’s still tasty though.

So news!

I’ve been trying to be more active here. Making plans and sticking to them. In between the Saturday movie marathon and the errands I’ve left for Sunday, I wanted to make sure I made time for writing. No matter how little or mundane the subject matter.

I’ve been having lots of fun with The Hollow Times. I’ve planned out the next few weeks of content for that and Hollow Grove is coming alive for me again. The Grim story about Hollow Grove in the 19th century has the first arc planned out. Now I’m in the editing stages.

Other things of note?

Speaking of movies and my dedication to watch more of them, here are some that I’ve enjoyed immensely.

Diaoblique (1955)

A fun little French horror film. Like most older films, it took me a while to settle into the pacing but I found myself enraptured once I got into it.

Take this premise of a school’s headmaster’s wife and his mistress come together to plot a murder. They go through with the deed and dump his body in a pool but when they drain it, there is no body!

Tape (2001)

I have to praise this movie because it made two dudes talking in a hotel room engrossing. Two friends from high school meet together in this old motel and secrets are revealed. Its a twisty turny movie where the other’s morality is repeatedly put into question.

Shaft (2019)

This is throwback to an older 70s franchise (which I should definitely check out!) I had so much fun watching this film. Action-packed, hilarious, and with Samuel L Jackson clearly having a good time in the titualr role what’s not to like!

That’s all I got this time around! See you next week!