On the Days When Your Brain Just Can’t

Or when your brain decides to go on strike causing nothing but creative frustration!


I’m in a bit of a creative nadir.

Throughout most the year, I was riding on a bit of writing high propelled by a long-term writing project which, in its own way, motivated me to do others when I didn’t feel like working on that monster. But that writing project is over (it’s stewing in its own metaphorical juices until revision) and every minor project that I wanted to do has been finished in one way or the other.


And now I can’t…

I mean, I have other writing projects I want to do but I just can’t…

See! I’m even struggling to create a sentence because my ideas just kind of die. They get a bit of steam and then they’re already passed out on the floor and refuse to do anything productive to get themselves to their destination. My hands are wishy-washy about picking up a pen or tapping away at keys. Character voices get lost in the ether and I struggle to find their echo.

But perhaps I’m trying too hard. Perhaps, after 10 months straight, my brain is taking the time to recoup and I shouldn’t stress by the decline in output.

But stressing is kind of my second nature so, of course, I’ll do that until I get something productive done. But then I’ll stress out over whatever project I get back on the horse with.

I can never win…but I love it.

I love stressing about my writing. It’s a better alternative than stressing about the lack of it.